Audit and Assurance

The financial reporting requirements have been going hand in hand with the fast-evolving development of technology and innovation in the business arena worldwide. As the audit helps assure the organizations’ compliance with applicable reporting standards, providing assurance and enhancing confidence of the investors and stakeholders in the financial reports have become a more and more responsible obligation of the audit and assurance service providers.

Our assurance teams comprise highly experienced professionals utilizing their significant business and technical expertise gained in a range of industries to ensure that our assurance services are focused on practical outcomes whilst meeting statutory and professional obligations. The assurance professionals at CSC & Co. keep themselves abreast of the new developments and requirements and are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and skills for seamless qualitative services.

Our audit and assurance services include:

Financial Statements Audit
We provide a range of audit services including Statutory Audit, Financial Audits, and Special Audits of financial statements for specific reporting purposes. The domain of our audit services includes private and public sector companies, state owned enterprises, local and international agencies and non-governmental organizations, development programs and projects.

Risk Assurance and Internal Audit
We provide range of risk assurance services to assess the organizational risk as well as risks related to different operational areas of an organization.

Internal audit not only helps an organization improve its compliance with internal policies, procedures, plans and strategies, but also assists in identifying areas of cost savings, improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness. Internal audit include testing internal control, detecting and preventing fraud and monitoring compliance with company policy and applicable laws. Our expertise in internal audit enables us understanding risks, connecting risks and governance, and guiding the management and board of directors with appropriate measures that contribute achievement of organization objectives by optimizing performance.

Our services under Risk Assurance and Internal Audit include:
• Strategic review of Internal Audit Department
• Reengineering of Internal Audit Department
• Preparation of Internal Audit Charter and Manual
• Training of Internal Audit staffs in specialized audit techniques
• Internal Audit co-sourcing or outsourcing
• Information Systems Audit
• Controls system design and implementation
• Preparation of control manuals
• Spot checks
• Procurement audit
• Contractor compliance reviews
• Special reviews
• Due diligence
• Investigations